A guide to CBD

How can I take CBD?

CBD is best absorbed sublingually (which means administered under the tongue) which is why the majority of products are available in oil format.

This is by far the preferred format of choice by consumers. However, there are a large variety of ways CBD can be delivered from adding it to your tea or coffee, swallowing in capsules or rubbing it on your skin as a balm. All of these formats are offered by Goodbody Botanicals.

What should I be wary of when selecting a CBD product?

The most important factor is that it’s produced by a trusted source (such as Goodbody Botanicals) who demonstrate they have all the required procedures, tests and documents to prove not only safety, but quality.

To clearly demonstrate the quality and content of our product, we at Goodbody Botanicals have added a QR code to our product packaging. This allows our consumers the ability of scanning this code on their phone, which takes them directly to your suite of product lab reports, enabling them to see exactly what is in that particular product.

Why trust Goodbody Botanicals?

Goodbody Botanicals are based within a beautiful farm in the West Country (England) where our office is located and our products manufactured. Goodbody Botanicals is part of the Sativa Group PLC, of whom have entered into a research partnership with King’s College London and have been granted a Home Office license to grow medicinal Cannabis.

We are shaping the future of CBD products through innovation and manufacturing, and our products are backed up by our 5-star reviews which is a testament to our stringent quality control.

All Goodbody Botanicals products are laboratory tested by our sister company PhyoVista Laboratories and are fully supported by their reports.

All our products are Gluten Free, Vegan, UK Made and UK Lab Tested. There is a QR code on the side of each pack which you can scan, taking you to the lab reports.

What do our consumers say about Goodbody Botanicals products?

Don’t just take our word for it; listen to what our consumers have to say. We get a huge amount of positive feedback on Goodbody Botanicals products from our happy customers. Visit goodbodybotanicals.com to learn more.

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