About us

Sativa Group Plc joined the UK’s NEX market in March 2018 as the UK’s first medicinal cannabis investment vehicle.

The business evolved to focus on the development of an operational business capitalising on its first-mover advantage. This change transitioned the company from an investment company to an operating company at the forefront of both the CBD Wellness and medicinal cannabis sectors in the UK.



To build the UK’s leading CBD Wellness brands and to develop innovative medicinal and veterinary cannabis products to answer the unmet needs of consumers and patients.


Sativa Group commits to producing safe, compliant and effective products that are rigorously tested to the highest standards by in-house, and external, laboratories.


Sativa brings together professionals with extensive commercial, retail, finance, medical, veterinary, pharmacological, scientific, governance and regulatory experience.

Brand value

Sativa is developing brands that meet or exceed consumers fast evolving expectations and needs.

Routes to market

Sativa has established multiple channels to service consumers in this evolving sector.


Sativa Group is working in conjunction with King’s College London on research to develop innovative solutions that meet consumer and patient demand.


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