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A Cannabis Craze Takes Over Skin Care

The healing properties of cannabis have been extolled by different cultures for centuries, but the feel-good plant is becoming increasingly mainstream, in new forms, in both luxury beauty and wellness.


Mother wins fight against Home Office to treat her son with Cannabis Oil

The mother of a severely epileptic boy has won the right to treat her son with medicinal cannabis oil. Charlotte Caldwell said they had “achieved the impossible” after Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced on Saturday he would grant a licence for 12-year-old Billy to receive the treatment.


Can Medical Marijuana Reduce Opioid Use in Canada?

Opioid-related deaths are up. Is marijuana the answer? The opioid epidemic in North America shows no sign of slowing down. Doctors believe cannabis is one viable option to combat the crisis. Here’s how medical marijuana is helping reduce opioid use in Canada.


Healing with hemp: Cannabis in spas

With a medical and recreational marijuana industry about to fly, there’s a whole lot of buzz going on. Globally-competitive, lucrative sectors and commercial opportunities are predicted to grow like a weed!


The Next Big Thing In Marijuana Won’t Get You High

Recently, at the end of a surf trip with several friends, my pal Tim passed me a pipe packed with sticky green buds. I’m not much of a social smoker (more of a one-hitter-before-chores type) so politely declined.