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Can Medical Marijuana Reduce Opioid Use in Canada?

Opioid-related deaths are up. Is marijuana the answer? The opioid epidemic in North America shows no sign of slowing down. Doctors believe cannabis is one viable option to combat the crisis. Here’s how medical marijuana is helping reduce opioid use in Canada.


Hemp Business Grows Global

As the conversation around the legalization and distribution of marijuana heats up, there is one part of the plant that has allowed a local business to flourish.


The Renaissance of Tribal Hemp

This spring, after gathering on the White Earth Indian Reservation in northwestern Minnesota and then in Colorado, tribal “hempsters” are working toward a renaissance of the plant that once clothed much of Europe and North America.


No, CBD Oil Won’t Get You Stoned – But It Could Make Travel Less Stressful

Is it us, or does everything look a little greener these days? With the rise of pot tourism—be it dispensaries from Colorado to Maine or a South Dakota marijuana resort—and the normalization of cannabis (have you heard of Milk Makeup’s newly launched Kush High Volume Mascara?), the U.S. conversation about pot is getting a bit more, well, chill.


Milk Makeup’s Kush Mascara Coats Your Lashes With CBD Oil

Here’s something to get you really excited for 4/20. On Monday, Milk Makeup announced that its latest offering will be released on the cannabis-commemorating holiday, and naturally, it’s a mascara made with CBD oil called (what else?) Kush. According to the smoke-filled ad, all you need is “one hit for high volume.”