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In order to comply with the February 2007 AIM Rule 26 we are providing the information below.

Country of incorporation

The country of incorporation for Sativa Group PLC is the United Kingdom.

Company description

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Articles of Association

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Stock exchange listings

Sativa Group PLC is listed on the NEX Exchange.

Securities in issue

Number of securities

569,189,167 Ordinary Shares of 0.25p each

Table of Terms

The table below sets out a summary of the terms of the options that have been issued by the Company.
Option Holders Number of Options Exercise price per Ordinary Share Exercise period – From Exercise period – To % of Issued Share Capital following exercise

Geremy Thomas* 75,277,775 0.5p Admission Fifth anniversary of Admission 11.68
Mark Blower* 9,000,000 0.5p Admission Fifth anniversary of Admission 1.56
Joseph Colliver 3,350,000 1.5p 05/12/18 Equal 1/3; 1/3; 1/3 over 3 years 0.59
Joseph Colliver 4,444,447 2.25p 05/12/18 3rd anniversary of Admission 0.77
Angus Kerr 2,222,222 2.25p 24/10/2018 5th anniversary of Admission 0.39
Advisory Board Members

Dr Matthew Brown 76,923 6.5p 06/12/18 Fifth anniversary of Admission 0.01
Senior Staff 6,888,889 2.25p 05/12/2018 Performance related 1/3; 1/3; 1/3 over 3 years 1.20
Senior Staff 4,000,000 6.5p Jan / Feb 2019 Performance related 0.70

Noel Lyons 12,500,000 1p Admission Fifth anniversary of Admission 2.15
Julian Bosdet 500,000 1p Admission Fifth anniversary of Admission 0.09
Iqbal Gill 500,000 1p Admission Fifth anniversary of Admission 0.09
Full exercise of all outstanding options would result in dilution of approximately 23%.

Substantial Shareholders

Name – Number of Ordinary Shares – % of issued Share Capital
Name Holding Percentage
Mr Geremy Thomas (Director) 224,000,000 39.35%
Bmak Investment LTD / Ken Lawrence 45,333,337 7.96%
Ms T N Rogers 18,833,335 3.31%
Mr R J Lonsdale 18,833,335 3.31%
Mr Sean O’Driscoll 18,766,670 3.30%
Mr George Thomas 18,500,000 3.25%
GDS Holdings 16,666,670 2.93%
Mr Andrew Macdonald 10,515,000 1.85%
Carbon Managers Limited 10,000,000 1.76%
Mr Thomas Christy 9,250,000 1.63%
Mr William Thomas 9,000,000 1.58%
Miss Emma Thomas 9,000,000 1.58%
Wintons Holdings Limited 7,933,335 1.39%
Mr Gordon D King 6,255,903 1.10%
Mr Mark Blower 6,000,000 1.05%

N.B 51% of shares are in public hands

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Board of Directors

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