Scheme of Arrangement


ANNOUNCEMENT: Update Regarding Re-Listing Of The Common Shares Of Stillcanna Inc. On The Canadian Securities Exchange (Dated: 18 September 2020)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Conditional CSE Approval of Sativa Wellness Group Inc
(Dated: 4 September 2020)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Court Sanction of Scheme of Arrangement and update to timetable Suspension
(Dated: 4 September 2020)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Stillcanna Shareholder Approval And Adjournment Of Scheme Sanction Hearing
(Dated: 1 September 2020)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Notice of Scheme Sanction Hearing
(Dated: 20 August 2020)

ANNOUNCEMENT: RECOMMENDED ALL-SHARE OFFER Result of General Meeting (Dated: 18 August 2020)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Recommended All-Share Offer For Sativa Group PLC By Stillcanna INC. (Dated: 22 July 2020)

ANNOUNCEMENT: One Day Extension for Publication of Scheme Document   
(Dated: 21 July 2020)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Notice of Convening Hearing (Dated: June 23, 2020)

Agreement on the terms of a recommended share for share exchange offer
(Dated: 3 June 2020)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Statement re Rule 2.6 Extension (Dated: 20 May 2020)

FORM 8: Public opening position disclosure by a party to an offer. (Dated: May 5, 2020)

Shareholder letter

(Dated 29 April 2020)

To: The Sativa Shareholders

Employee letter

SUBJECT: POSSIBLE OFFER FOR Sativa Group Plc (Dated 29 April 2020)
To: employees and employee representatives of Sativa Group plc (the “Company”).

Scheme Documents

Letter of Intent: Proposal for Transaction – 17 April 2020

Bid Conduct Agreement – 2 June 2020

Recommended proposals for the acquisition of Sativa Group PLC by Stillcana INC. – 22 July 2020

Peterhouse Consent Rule

Peterhouse Consent (Part 7 15(g)) – 3 June 2020

Material contracts

All SATIVA Material Contracts are listed on this page:

All Stillcanna Material Contracts are listed on this page:

Sativa Deeds of Irrevocable Undertaking

All signed SATIVA deeds are listed on this page:

All signed STILLCANNA deeds are listed on this page:

Takeover panel section 8.3 declarations

Copies of all declaration forms can be downloaded from this page:

Articles of Association

The Sativa Group CM024 – Article of Association

1.4 Article – Blackeagle Development Now StillCanna  (11 July 2014)

Sativa Financial Statements

December 2018 – Annual Report and Accounts

June 2019 – Interim Statement

December 19 – Annual Report and Accounts

Stillcanna Financial Statements

July 2018 – StillCanna (formerly EVI GROUP) consolidated statements
Consolidated Financial Statements

July 2019 – Stillcanna consolidated financial statements

January 2020 – Stillcanna Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements