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Manfacturing, retail sales & distribution

Goodbody Botanicals (formerly George Botanicals) is Sativa Group’s primary retail subsidiary. The brand, which sells CBD products online and on the high street, aims to become the UK’s number one retail CBD brand by capturing significant market share with major pharmacy, wellness and grocery retail chains.

Operating on the ethos of ‘CBD you can trust’, the market leading CBD products are manufactured using the highest quality cannabis oils obtained from reputable European and North American suppliers. All Goodbody Botanicals products undergo thorough CBD testing to ensure they are THC free, and bear the ‘PhytoVista tested’ Kitemark and QR providing traceability to the manufacturing batch. Taking into account extensive market feedback, packaging has been upgraded and the product range has been expanded – Goodbody Botanicals CBD products make a compelling value proposition for major high street retailers and their shoppers.

With the growing demand for CBD products across the UK, Goodbody Botanicals has already delivered strong organic growth and is well positioned to capture market share as the industry continues to grow. Goodbody Botanicals also has a partnership agreement with the UK’s leading sales, marketing and logistics support company, SHS Sales & Marketing Limited, which is the grocery and pharmacy industry’s leading provider and has a market penetration to over 90% of UK households. The combination of Goodbody Botanicals and SHS Distribution deliver a significant value proposition to UK pharmacies and high street retailers.

Goodbody Botanicals is shaping the future of CBD products through innovation and stringent quality control.

stores and online

Goodbody Wellness is Sativa Group’s CBD high street retail store offering and is the UK’s first prestige CBD wellness centre brand.

The stores, supported by online sales, provide a premium consumer experience, where different forms of high-quality CBD wellness products are available and visitors can interact with knowledgeable staff members in a comfortable environment. Education is an intrinsic aspect of the unique Goodbody Wellness model, as the centres strive to elevate CBD by providing customers with quality CBD products and in-depth information.

So far, Goodbody Wellness centres are open in Bath, Cirencester and Bristol. There is a franchise roll-out plan in place with the aim of opening 50 strategically located stores across the UK in 2-3 years so that Sativa Group manufactured CBD products can be delivered to as many high street shoppers as possible. Goodbody Wellness is a member of the British Franchise Association and has also constructed a training centre with a showcase store where potential franchisees can gain a complete understanding of the ‘traceable, tested and balanced’ ethos. All stores will have the same interior, as well as a standardised sales, stock, finance and logistical software, to ensure there is a high-level of consistency across the entire Goodbody Wellness brand.

Goodbody Wellness has already set the bar high for the CBD high street retail industry.

Direct Selling

Tessellate Collective is Sativa Group’s bespoke direct sales channel and is a member of the Direct Sellers Association. This custom-built social marketing platform, which was developed to bridge the gap between the UK’s CBD market and the network marketing industry, takes Sativa Group’s CBD products to consumers who prefer to buy in this way.

Direct selling is a significant revenue runway in the UK, and one that CBD and wellness products lend themselves well to; it is a £2.6bn industry of which 64% already relates to Wellness & Cosmetics sales. It is also a channel that thrives on educational awareness and anecdotal reviews – if a buyer trusts the opinion of the seller, repeat purchasing is more likely to occur. Tessellate Collective has over 500 well established direct sellers acting as Advocates for the brand who have access to an easy-to-use and financially rewarding commission plan. These Advocates market Sativa Group’s innovative CBD products to their individual loyal customer following.

Tessellate Collective has rapid growth trajectory and with the appointment of a seasoned direct selling executive as Managing Director of the corporate team, who has invested in systems and marketing, the vision is for Tessellate Collective to become the CBD market leader within the direct selling channel.

Laboratory testing

PhytoVista Laboratories is Sativa Group’s independent analytical hemp and CBD testing facility. PhytoVista provides support to retailers, distributors and manufacturers by expertly testing the cannabinoid level of the hemp and CBD products they are supplying, as well as testing for impurities such as heavy metals and other harmful solvents.

Since being founded in 2017, PhytoVista has extensively developed its chemical testing methods and appointed expert staff in order to establish itself as a trusted and auditable laboratory that services a wide range of industries. The laboratory operates to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and ISO 17025 standards, with the aim of being ISO accredited by early 2020. PhytoVista has published CBD industry guidelines that protect consumers and support the development of a higher quality CBD marketplace

PhytoVista understands and monitors regulations in the food and beverage, cosmetics and vaping industries, in order to best advise customers who are looking to test their products and enter the UK CBD market. Goodbody Botanicals, Goodbody Wellness Products that have been accurately tested receive the ‘PhytoVista tested’ Kitemark, signalling that they are THC free and match what they claim to be on the packaging. PhytoVista is setting the standard for quality within the CBD industry.

The UK’s premier cannabis testing facility for CBD and hemp based products.